By Caroline Woodiel

Welcome to the new Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library Blog! Just as our physical location is a cultural outpost for the Irish in the state of Arizona, our blog hopes to become a cultural outpost within the world wide web.

Within this new blog, we hope to bring you cultural tidbits you would not find elsewhere. One day you may find a cooking tutorial or artisan technique and the next you could find a favorite poem, traditional song performance, or a personal reflection on the journey of learning about family history.

Our new blog is home to the tradition, culture, and passion that makes up our extended community.  We especially hope our affiliate organizations will be able to tell you a little more about themselves and the passions that drive them. The hope for this blog format is to create a community space non reliant on physical events, and built upon the passion and heart that drives the people within it.

A few of the posts from the now retired McClelland Library blog have been brought over to get us started and give everyone a small taste of just what is to come.

We look forward to reading with you.

Interested in contributing to our blog?  The Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library blog is always looking for cultural pieces!  Items of interest include, recipes, poems, introductions to topics, traditional crafts, traditional music, family history tidbits and tips, book and film reviews, and more! To submit and article for possible inclusion please email your piece to  Blog inclusion decisions are subject to review and blog policies of the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library.

While event promotion is not something we include in our blog, it is something that could be of interest to our newsletter.  Please check out the contact info to the right if you would like to see about the inclusion of your event in the Irish Cultural Center Newsletter.

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