Library Film Series

“Far and Away” and “Gangs of New York”

This September the McClelland Library is excited to show two movies featuring vastly different accounts of the Irish-American immigration experience in the 19th century.
First we will present the 90’s hit film “Far and Away” (Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman). Far and Away is a relatively happy story in which Irish immigrants overcome great difficulties to build a new life in a land of opportunity.
Our second selection will be “Gangs of New York” (Daniel Day Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio). Gangs of New York is set in the squalid chaos and brutal ethnic strife of Manhattan’s legendary Five Points neighborhood and paints a much grittier and more violent image of the 19th century immigration experience.

Following each film, speakers will engage in a discussion of the diaspora experience presented by each–guests are invited to join the discussion or simply listen. Following Gangs of New York the discussion will also include a comparison of both films.  We anticipate this film series to be fun and engaging.

$5 per person, free popcorn included and bar on site.

Far and Away

(1992 – 140 minutes, rated PG13)

September 8, 2023, doors 5:30PM.

Gangs of New York

(2002 – 167 minutes, rated R)

September 29, 2023, doors 5:00PM.

Tuesday June 2021;
The HealthCare Cure

Doors open 10 minutes before show

Based on Nicholas Webb’s deep research and upcoming book, The Healthcare Mandate (McGraw-Hill), this film bravely prescribes a path forward for one of the world’s largest and most dysfunctional industries. Unlike other documentaries that attempt to address the problems in healthcare through the vilification of everything from restaurants to drug companies, this film is different. It addresses the “big shift” that will occur in healthcare that will save millions of lives while improving the human experience in the healthcare system. The big shift is the rapid transition from an industry focused on sickness intervention to prevention and anticipation.

Fixing Healthcare addresses the three big enablers of the big shift that include hyper-consumerization, enabling/connected technologies, and new economic/value models. This is more than just a plan for the future, it is the genesis of a movement wherein patients in society are demanding better health over more treatment.

The cast comprises world-renowned healthcare experts that speak on everything from the impact of behavioral health, digital health, healthcare economics, and of course, to prevention and wellness. This film offers up real, responsible solutions with the principal goal of changing the trajectory of healthcare for the betterment of patients and healthcare providers.


Bar and light hors d’oeuvres available

Wednesday May 5th 2021; “One Mans Hero”.
Doors open at 7PM

Rated R, adults 18+ permitted

One Man’s Hero is a 1999 historical war drama film directed by Lance Hool and starring Tom Berenger, Joaquim de Almeida and Daniela Romo. With special intro by Dr. Michael Hogan, author of “The Irish Soldiers of Mexico” and historical advisor to the film. The film is a dramatization of the true story of John Riley and the Saint Patrick’s Battalion, a group of Irish Catholic immigrants who desert from the mostly Protestant U.S. Army to the mostly Catholic Mexican side during the Mexican–American War of 1846 to 1848.

$20 for Members
$25 for Non – Members

February 14th 2020: “The Camino Voyage Film”  7PM

A crew including a Writer, two Musicians, an Artist and a Stonemason embark by sea, in a traditional boat that they built themselves on an inspiring, and dangerous, 2,500 km modern day Celtic odyssey all the way from Ireland to Northern Spain. Starring Oscar-winning musician Glen Hansard, Traditional Irish Musician Brendan Begley, Artist Liam Holden, Stonemason Brendan-Pháid Moriarty and Writer and Poet Danny Sheehy. They rowed the 800km journey from West Kerry in in a Naomhóg (a traditional West Kerry rowing curragh/boat) following the coastal routes of their ancestors.


  • $5

South West Currach Race Weekend

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March 7th, 2020: “A Proper Pint”   5:45PM

In an age where technology and lifestyles have diminished interpersonal communication, the rural Irish pub stands as a welcoming beacon to gather patrons for conversation and music around the hardwood of a hundred-year-old bar.

“A Proper Pint” is a film series that celebrates the generational nature of publicans, and the integral bond of the Irish pub to the community around it. The distinctive personality of the rural communities and surrounding areas is highlighted in each film, along with the singular individuals who inhabit them.

Irish ethnicity, local lore, geographical peculiarities, trad music and more is explored in such a way that the viewer will feel they’ve already been welcomed in to the pub, heard a song on the Irish pipes, and are sipping their first blessed pint of Guinness.


  • $15 members
  • $20 non-members
Learn more about the film here.

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