Annual Women's Conference

Saturday Feb 1st, 2020

9AM – 4PM in the Great Hall at the Irish Cultural Center

Open to Everyone!

What to expect;

Inspiring Guest Speakers and Mna na hEireann Panel

Get Started on Writing your Story with Whalen Voices 

Lunch and SWAG and raffles and tours

Admission Pricing

$25 members
$30 non-members
FREE Ages 18 – 26

Registration Includes Lunch

I hope you can join us for our ICLF Women’s Conference on St. Brigid’s Day! This has become an annual event at many cultural centers in the US and around the world so we are excited to add it to our 2020 schedule. Come be a part of the first one and help us continue the tradition. All are welcome!

Leslie Thompson

ICLF Board President


8:30AM: Networking
9:00AM: Welcome Leslie Thompson
9:15AM: Opening Keynote John Healy
10:00AM: Who is Bridget Michele West
10:30AM: Mna na hEireann Panel
11:30AM: Guest Speaker Gabby Avalos
12:15PM: Networking Lunch (included) with Colleen Program, tours, sale items
1:00PM: Guest Speaker and Write Your Story Activity Jan Whalen
3:00PM: Closing Keynote shhh it’s a surprise
3:45PM: Closing Leslie Thompson
4:00PM: Bar and Networking and Tours

Network: Come early and/or stay for happy hour to network. Meet a new friend, learn something about a stranger, find a mentor, make connections.

Women’s Conference Speakers:

  • MC: Leslie Thompson is from Dublin and works in the Internet of Things Group at Intel. She is the current ICLF President of the Board. Leslie is an advocate of the power of Inclusion and Belonging.
  • Opening Keynote Speaker: John Healy is from Limerick and is an Intel Vice President with 25yrs of leadership experience in the technology industry. John will share his insights on Diversity of Thought
  • Guest Speaker Who is Bridget: Michele Wienecke-West is a Senior Druid of the Grove of the Rising Phoenix an ICLF affiliate group. She will share a historical and literary / folklore approach exploring Brighid and St. Brigid.
  • Mna n hEireann Panel: We are delighted to have 6 Irish born women on our panel with moderator Dylan Conner. Cork, Dublin, Limerick, Offaly, Waterford are all represented so the panel discussion will be lively.
  • Guest Speaker Indestructible: Gaby Avalos is a professional fine artist from Chandler Arizona known for her use of color and the way she connects to her paintings. She will share her story with us.
  • Guest Speaker Whalen Voices: Jan Whalen is an award winning author, speaker and coach. The Irish are story-tellers and there is a story in all of us. Learn more about an exciting ICLF project you could be a part of in the future
  • Closing Keynote Speaker: Shhh it’s a surprise!
  • Tours: ICLF staff member, Lorraine Dalton, will be available to coordinate tours at lunch and 4pm.

John Healy

John V. Healy is a vice president in the Internet of Things Group (IOTG) and general manager of Platform Management and Customer Engineering at Intel Corporation. He has overall responsibility for creating products and solutions that align with Intel’s data-centric strategy within the IOT domain. Healy leads the organization responsible for product planning and product management, user and developer experience, and customer solution engineering capabilities for IOTG.
Healy has more than 25 years of leadership experience in the technology industry, spanning engineering, network deployment, transmission planning, product marketing, and business strategy. His prior roles at Intel include serving as the VP of the Software Defined Datacenter Solutions Group and leading the software-defined network business in the Network Platforms Group. He joined Intel in 2001 based in Shannon, Ireland and initially served as marketing manager for network processors in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.​
Before joining Intel, Healy held various engineering management and business development roles at Telecom Eireann and Eircom Ltd. The latter included two-year assignments at AT&T Unisource and Infonet Services as part of a strategic alliance.
Healy earned a bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering and telecommunications from the University of Limerick in Ireland. He is a chartered engineer in Ireland and a chartered European engineer. A member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, he is a regular industry speaker and writer on topics related to network transformation, software-defined infrastructure and datacenter architecture.​

Michelle Wienecke-West

Michelle Wienecke-West is a Senior Druid of the Grove of the Rising Phoenix an ICLF affiliate group. They are a local Grove in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona and are affiliated with the Ár nDraíocht Féin an international neo-pagan organization based in the United States devoted to creating a public tradition of Neo-Pagan Druidry.

Gabby Avalos

Gabby Avalos is a professional Fine Art artist from Chandler, Arizona. Avalos has sold her art work all around the world and through out United States. She is known for her use of color and the way she connects to her paintings. Avalos has a strong relationship with her Dad. Jose speaks about Avalos’s art, “I knew from a young age that she was very talented and creativity. She has always had a flare for color.” Avalos has graduated from the Milan Art Institute. She learned many new techniques and skills that she still utilizes today.  Avalos’s artwork is full of bold and eccentric colors. She strives to connect with her art collectors on a deeper level with each piece. Avalos’s art is about reaching our deepest desires and bridging the gaps between reality and these. Her art emboldens you to transform. Avalos talks about her use of color, “Color can cause a deep emotional reaction and take down the biggest walls with one glance. Color ignites the depths of your soul.” Avalos’s art takes you to a higher level.
Avalos’s Arizona studio is prolific and is always keeping up with commissions. It has huge windows that let the natural light shine in so she can apply the perfect shade of color with each brushstroke. Avalos’s Mexican-American heritage has greatly influenced her art. Avalos says, “I believe my love of color is rooted in the Mexican culture.” She loves to travel to Guadalajara, which is close to her Dad’s hometown. Avalos will continue to inspire, connect and empower with her art.

Jan Whalen

Jan is an award-winning author, speaker and coach who guides individuals in telling their story whether it be for speaking, writing or publishing. Whalen Voices, LLC acts as a catalyst for speakers and writers to find their unique Voice–in speaking formally, socially, in business settings; or writing for publication or simply legacy writing for family.