Family Story Hour 

With Diane Ahern

The second Saturday of the month is Family Story Hour! Family Story Hour begins at 10:30AM and is filled with stories, discussions, and crafts. Our Family Story Hour program introduces parents and children to Irish authors, stories and traditions in a fun and interactive fashion. In 2021 we will be reading 2 books! There will be also simple craft that you can make using things you find around the house! Hope to see you there!

2021/2022 Schedule

September 11th 2021

Book 1 – Brian and The Vikings by Chris Judge and Mark Wickham
Book 2 – Too Many Fairies by Margaret Read MacDonald
Craft Supplies

Viking Helmet                                                                                               Coloring Pages
1 copy of Helmet Craft                                                                                 Viking Boy
Scissors                                                                                                            Dragon
Tape or glue                                                                                                   Fairy 1
Crayons, colored pencils, or markers                                                         Fairy 2


October 9th 2021

Book 1 –¬†One More Sheep¬†by Mij Kelly and Russell Ayto
book 2 –¬†Billy Monster’s Daymare by Alan Durant
Craft Supplies

Sheep or Wolf Mask;                                                                            Coloring Pages
A copy of Wolf Mask or Sheep Mask                                                   Jack-O-Lantern
Crayons, markers, or paints                                                                  Monster 1
Scissors                                                                                                     Monster 2
String or yarn
Cotton balls (optional)
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November 13th 2021 – In Person ONLY

Book 1 –¬†Tim O’Toole and the Wee Folk¬†by Gerald McDermott
Book 2 –¬†One Final Gift¬†by Patricia Keely Murphy
Craft Supplies


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December 4th 2021

Book 1 –¬†The Crayon’s Christmas¬†by Drew Daywalt
Book 2 –¬†Holiday Hero’s Save Christmas¬†by Adam Wallace
Craft Supplies



*Family Story Hour online zoom calls will be recorded*