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Archival research at the McClelland Library will be available on an appointment basis.

Basic Guidelines for Archival Research are as follows:

  • Researchers will be asked to bring a photo ID.
  • Researchers may be required to wear gloves depending on the materials.
  • No pens will be allowed on research tables when collections are being accessed.
  • No books, folders, or bags will be allowed near tables while collections are being accessed.
  • A computer, cell phone, pencil, and note pad can be used by researchers during McClelland Library Archive collection access.
  • Archive material access will only be available between the hours of 10:30AM – 2:30PM Tuesday – Thursday and Fridays from 3:30PM – 7:30PM allowing for, at minimum, 24 hours notice for an appointment on days the library is open. Should an appointment be requested on days the library is not open, the researcher understands the 24 hour notice starts on the next day the library is open. (For example, material and appointments requested on a Monday will be available on Wednesday at the earliest).