Relocity (relocation advisors)



Mission – “Relocity maximizes talent well-being by connecting people to new communities through personalized experiences driven by intuitive mobile technology, local experts, and flexible service offerings”


If you are new to the Phoenix area, you may want to consider using Relocity for all your relocation needs. To the right of the screen you will see their one page flyer.

When setting up times, they recommend a minimum of 5 hours for a single person and 8 hours for a family with kids (domestic). If internationally relocating, they recommended is 8 hours for a single person and 12 hours for a family with kids.

When speaking to your representative for the first time be sure to mention you heard about Relocity through the Irish Cultural and Learning Foundation. Val Allemand is our contact and you may email here at and expect a response back in  24 hours if during the business week.