Affiliate Organizations share the ICC mission of educating and promoting the Irish and Celtic culture.

A list of affiliates, an event calendar, and links to their sites are below:

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More information on how to become an Irish Cultural and Learning Foundation Affiliate and the many benefits your group will have.

Phoenix English Country Dancers

This affiliate group has fun dancing and exercising while learning historical and modern English country dances set to beautiful music.

Chandler-Tullamore Sister Cities

It has been the mission of the Chandler, AZ – Tullamore, Ireland Sister Cities to cultivate and maintain a strong reciprocal relationship between the cities of Chandler, Arizona and Tullamore, Ireland to encourage cultural understanding, community involvement, economic development and educational exchanges.

Friends of St. Patrick

Our mission is to nurture Saint Patrick’s legacy by promoting positive relationships between Arizona and Northern Ireland through education.

Daughters of Scotia

Daughters of Scotia is a fraternal order. Open to women who were born in Scotland, are of Scottish descent, or are married to men of Scottish descent. Desert Thistle Lodge Daughters of Scotia Phoenix. Contact by email:


Celtic Re-Enactment Organisation for Fellowship and Trades. Our goal is to promote fellowship while researching the lifestyles and trades appropriate to the Celtic Peoples from 400 BC until 1746 AD. Participation is open to anyone with an interest in period crafting, living history and entertainment, no matter what his/her ethnicity.

St. Patrick's Day Parade Committee and Irish Society of Arizona

The St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Faire Committee is composed by a group of hard working elected individuals that make the Phoenix St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Faire happen.

The Caledonian Society of Arizona

The Caledonian Society of Arizona is the single largest Celtic organization in the state of Arizona and our mission is to promote Scottish culture through art, education and athletics.

Arizona Colleen and Rose Program

The Arizona Colleen Program began as the Arizona Colleen Pageant, a heritage pageant, in 1983. It seeks to connect not only the Arizona Irish community, but the global Irish diaspora through events and awareness.

Phoenix Traditional Music and Dance

We preserve and present traditional music and dance by sharing our love of contra dancing – American folk dancing evolved from European country dances. Join us and celebrate both our heritage and our modern community!

Celtica Chorale

Celtica! represents the strong choral traditions of Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Brittany, Germany, Scandinavia and Russia. Medieval, traditional and modern music from the very best Celtic composers take you on an incredible musical tour you’ll never forget. Contact by email:

The Irish Foundation

The Irish Foundation of Arizona, founded in 1973, was formed to bring together people of Irish heritage. We welcome all people who have an interest to preserve and promote our proud Irish culture and heritage. Contact: Anna O’Hara at 602.524.0207 or email:

Pipe Band

We are focused on promoting the art of Scottish Bagpiping and Drumming through teaching, playing, and competing. We are always looking for new players and students who are also interested in the art.
Contact by email:

Irish Network Arizona

Irish Network Arizona is a business, cultural, and social network where members can connect locally, across the state, and with sister networks across the country.
grove of phoenix rising

Grove of the Rising Phoenix

We are a local Grove in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona and are affiliated with the Ár nDraíocht Féin an international neo-pagan organization based in the United States devoted to creating a public tradition of Neo-Pagan Druidry.
phoenix sister cities

Phoenix-Ennis Sister Cities

Phoenix Sister Cities exists to create people-to-people relationships between the residents of Phoenix and its sister cities through commercial, educational, cultural and artistic exchange programs and events that create and sustain global, long-term, international partnerships and business opportunities for the citizens of Phoenix.

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