About Us

The Irish Cultural Center was founded in 1999 and The McClelland Library first opened in October of 2012.

The Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library are divisions of the Irish Cultural & Learning Foundation, a not-for-profit organization and are a public/private partnership with the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department.

The ICLF greatly acknowledges the support of the Emmigrant Support Programme of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Irish Consulate in San Francisco, California.

About our Community:

Our Community is you! We come from all places and generations, backgrounds and interests. The census estimates 10% of our great state has an Irish relative in their family tree and that 12% have Celtic roots, and an even greater number have an interest in things that are Irish. If you fit any of those segments you are the Irish Community! Come and join us and celebrate all our community has to offer!

Take a virtual tour of the library and cottage.

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