Here are your contestants for the Second Annual
Rose of the ICC

Click the photographs of the contestants to see their entry videos and party pieces and make sure to vote for your favorite!!!
Voting ends Sunday August 22nd at 6PM. 

Susan Archer

Jennifer Funicello 

Erin Ring

Vicki Champion

Mary Moriarty

Denise Ryan

Lorraine Dalton-Gist

Buffie O’Neill

Leslie Thompson

The winner of the Rose of the ICC will be determined by the amount of online votes each contestant receives! The winner will take home the following prizes;

A sash, crown and a rose

An Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library goodie bag

A ticket to the annual Anam Cara Gala

A 1-year membership to the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library

$50 Amazon Gift Card

Rose of the ICC Lyrics

The bright sun was rising above the tall mountains
The heat was abundant for all in AZ
But a castle in Phoenix housed prizes and wonder
And it was the home of the Rose of the ICC
She was spunky and kind
Like the warmth of the summer
But twas not her suntan alone that won me
Oh no twas the sass like a Saguraro’s stature
That made me love AZ and
The Rose of the ICC