Buffie O’Neill

Buffie O’Neill is a 49 year young Account Manager for Oaktree Funding. She is an Arizona lady through and through, now living in Gilbert. She has a BA in Elementary Education from Ottawa University.
Her Irish ancestry is on her paternal side of her family going back 4 generation! Interestingly her grandfather and herself have a genetic blood condition traced to Irish/Celtic descent.
She is a published author, artist and former elementary school teacher and enjoys nature, music, yoga, dancing and comedy.
Fun fact about Buffie she rappelled 70ft Penthyn Castle in Whales in 2014!
It would be an honor for Buffie to become the next Rose of the ICC so she could honor my family name in remembrance of my father (who left this Earth too soon when I was only 10 months old and my grandfather who passed just after my daughter was born 26 years ago) and can be a living legacy for them, my children and future generations to come