Sean Lee

Seán Lee was born to an Irish immigrant father and second-generation Polish mother on the East Coast of the United States in the Washington D.C. area. His father’s business career moved the family around a lot with Seán finally ending up in Southern California from 1st to 6th grade and then Glendale, Arizona in 1987. Since then he has lived in just about every corner of the valley and now resides in North Scottsdale.
Though his mother is extremely proud of her Polish heritage (as is the rest of the family), his father’s passion for Ireland and being his father’s namesake, always left Seán with a strong connection to Ireland. He obtained his Irish citizenship in 2016, making him a dual U.S. and Irish citizen.
His father, Seán F. Lee, was one of the original founders of the Irish Cultural center in Phoenix, which means Seán was “volunteered to volunteer” at the center for much of his youth. Even though he has always been involved with the center, with his father’s passing in 2018, Seán has devoted as much time as possible to helping the center thrive. He joined the board in May of 2020.
Seán has a long business career that has spanned across almost every sector. However, he has always been involved in the technology side of operations. He was involved in a few startup companies in the early 2000’s then joined his father in 2007 at Valuesetters (a startup his father created). He and his father worked together for half a decade before Seán left to spend a decade as a Product Owner for two
large Phoenix based companies. His father sold off Valuesetters and Seán joined the Valuesetters Board of Directors for 3 years starting in 2014. Currently he is a Senior Consultant for a large consulting firm specializing in the fields of data management, business intelligence, microservices, UI/UX and Agile/Devops methodologies.
He is also a screenwriter with several produced films under his belt.