Coleen Van Slyke

Intro to Reading Music

“But I don’t read music…!”

Countless people who are passionate about making music never learned to read music. Musical notation is not difficult to master. In weekly lessons that run for nine weeks, you will learn all the basics necessary to learn music faster, better and more accurately. Musicians who make music without being able to read musical notation are much like students trying to read beautiful poetry without the ability to read English. Except that reading music is far easier to learn and use than any verbal language. Age 8 and older.

Over the course of nine weeks, you will learn:

  • Key Signatures
  • Time Signatures
  • The Grand Staff
  • The names of the notes
  • Intervals
  • Rhythm and Tempo
  • Reading a melodic line
  • Building a major or minor scale on the piano starting from any key
  • Common Musical Terminology

Give yourself or someone you know (or both!) the gift of understanding the language of music.

Call 602.864.2357 to register by phone.

Private Lessons:

Download the Registration Form

Download the registration form and return it to Academy@azirish.org or bring it to the first class.