Monthly President of the Board Report 

Sept 20th 2020

To ICLF members, volunteers, affiliates, staff, community and board,

Per the board and staff input, and with City approval, we began our phased re-opening on September 16th. This is a huge milestone and reflects a lot of work by the staff to get us to this point. We will learn and evolve over the next few weeks. The details are updated on the website. Please continue to prioritize staying safe and healthy. We look forward to seeing you.

Great news! First, we met our 500 membership goal! Thank you to everyone who joined, and we will still offer our $20 friend membership with coupon code 2020NewMember for the remainder of the year.
Second, we announced our first ever Rose of the ICC! Congratulations to Rita Cullumber and the money raised by all the ladies who participated is greatly appreciate.
Third, we chartered our ICLF Retail Development Committee! This is in response to feedback from the community, our affiliates and partners to have a place for tea/coffee/light fare in the undeveloped space on Central.

We will continue to offer our virtual events and our onsite experience includes self-guided tours. The library remains closed, but they hope to have a book
distribution option available soon.
Our Anam Cara committee submitted details to the city for approval and have some fun and safe options in store for us so make sure you Save the Date!
The Emigration Support team received approval from Dublin and the Consul General on our ESP Grant status with a focus on the community need for COVID and Bereavement support.
The Library rolled out access to the Library Version of Ancestry.com and Historical Issues of the Irish Times to all our members.
The staff are now alternating WFH and are onsite during the public opening hours. We welcome Lynn back from Ireland and Kelly back to the library. We thank Helene for her book-keeping work for us over the years.
We are continuing to use our Donation Drive during live events and on our web-site – every amount helps us to retain staff and cover utilities.

Our 3 priorities for 2020 are establish an (1) ICLF Endowment (2) Emigration Support Program (3) Retail Space.
I will be alternating using GoTo Meeting and onsite for our Thursday meetings depending on what the staff needs. I am very grateful for everyone’s continued support. More details to come so follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.

Contact me at leslie.thompson@azirish.org

Be respectful of the past, realistic about the present and optimistic about the future