“James Joyce’s Guitar”

Joyce and Music 

A Bloomsday Virtual Pub Session with live musical entertainment and singsongs!
An interactive, informative musical session about James Joyce’s livelong passion with music.


The Session will explore:

 James Joyce’s musical talents and influences
 possible career path as a musician
 songs and illusions in Ulysses
 background on Joyce, Bloomsday and Ulysses


Presented by Chas Moore, “the singing librarian

We kindly ask you to support these Valley local pubs who are supporting this event during this performance and throughout the day;

Tim Finnegan’s (Glendale)                                              Rosie McCaffreys (North Phoenix)
The Kettle Black (Downtown Phoenix)                            Seamus McCaffreys (Downtown Phoenix)
Fibber Magees (Chandler)                                              The Dubliner Irish Pub (North Phoenix)
Skeptical Chymist (Scottsdale)                                        O’Connor’s Pub (North Phoenix)