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Cork (Corcaigh)

This research guide is designed to help you find your Irish ancestors in our genealogy print collection.  The McClelland Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification System to make our print materials findable through the online catalog and while browsing our shelves in person.  Below you will find books to help you locate your ancestors in county Cork.

929.1: Books under this dewey number at the McClelland Library are primarily about how to get started with genealogy research and where to find certain sources.

Tracing your Irish Ancestors by John Grenham

Call Number: Geneal. 929.1072 G865t        Publication Date: 1999

A comprehensive guidebook for Irish genealogy; includes tips for where to begin, what to expect, and brief exploration of internet source. Grenham provides major source lists of Civil, Census, Church, and Land Records, Wills, Genealogy office, Deed Registries, Newspaper and Directory listings, and a reference guide of Sources by County.

Irish Towns, a Guide to Sources edited by William Nolan and Anngret Simms

Call Number: Geneal. 929.1072 Ir47    Publication Date: 1998

Provides brief overview of the history of towns and territorial divisions in Ireland, including several maps, drawings, and prints. Also includes source listing of records of Central and Local Government after 1700, Estate and Church records, Newspapers, Directories, and Gazetteers, and a select bibliography of publications on Irish Towns in the period from 1500-1980, printed between 1969 and 1993.

Tracing your Cork Ancestors by Tony McCarthy & Tim Cadogan

Call Number: Geneal. 929.1072 M1277g 2011

Publication Date: 2001

Contains a listing of resources available for family history research for Cork, where the records can be found, and tips for how to utilize each resource to “best effect”.  Source lists provided include Administrative Divisions, Civil Registration, Census and Census Substitutes, Church Records, Gravestone Inscriptions, Land and Related Records, and Wills, Administrations, and Marriage Licenses.  Also included are Commercial and Social Directories, Newspapers (current and historical) specific to Co. Cork and the surrounding area, alphabetical listing of known Merchant Tribes and Cork families with references to other texts/sources that reference each family, and a list of useful addresses for obtaining information and records in or pertaining to Cork.

929.3: Books under this dewey number at the McClelland Library are primarily Genealogy Sources or books of compiled resources put together by genealogists.

Index to the Marriage License Bonds of the Diocese of Cork and Ross, Ireland, for the Years from 1623 to 1750 copied by Herbert Webb Gillman, B.L., J.P.

Call Number: Geneal. 929.3 C81321i

Publication Date/Copy Date: 1896

A Collection of 1851 Census Records: County Cork, Ireland compiled by Josephine Masterson

Call Number: Geneal. 929.3 M3939c

Publication Date: 1994

Contains an index to the returns of the 1851 Census in four parishes in County Cork– Kilworth, Kilcrumper, portions of Leitrim, and Macroney.   

Register of the Parish of Holy Trinity (Christ Church), Cork, 1643-1669 edited by Susan Hood

Call Number: Geneal. 929.3419 R2638r

Publication Date: 1998

Date Range: 1643-1669

Church registration of all marriages, christenings, and burials recorded in Christ Church Parish in Co. Cork.  Also includes an appendix listing the location and document name and description of physical registers located in the RCB Library in Cork.  Two table are provided as well: Yearly breakdown of christenings, marriages, and burials, 1643-1669, and a Breakdown of register contents (by folio and gathering).  An Index to Persons and an Index to Places are also provided.

County Cork: Youghal Family Roots, Exploring Family Origins in Youghal by Noel Farrell

Call Number: Geneal. 929.34195 F2476e

Publication Date: 2001

Contents include returns from the 1901 and 1911 Census, a brief history of Youghal, 1943 and 1944 Electors List, Townland map, 1851 Griffiths Valuation, and an 1851 map of Youghal.

Ireland: County Cork, Genealogy and Family History Extracts from the Irish Archives compiled by the Irish Genealogical Foundation

Call Number: Geneal. 929.34195 Ir21

Publication Date: 2011

Contents include Local and National Resource, listing of common names in County Cork, complete “existing” returns from the 1659 Census along with spelling variations of Family and Place Names from that time period.  Arms related to county as listed in the book Irish Book of Arms which provides specific locations for families listed.  Also provides 19th century map with place names, and family history notes from Irish Pedigrees, including the families of Connell, Haly, Macauliffe, MacCarthy, O’Kelleher, O’Callaghan, O’Cotter, O’Hea, O’Sullivan, O’Hurley, O’Keeffe, Barry, Healy, O’Murphy, and MacSweeney.

Families of County Cork, Ireland by Michael C. O’Laughlin, president, I.G.F.

Call Number: Geneal. 929.34195 OL12f 1999

Publication Date: 2001

Contents include map of County Cork, Ortelius Map of Cork 1576, chart Ancient Tribes and Tribal Names, Family Names Map.  Also provided is information about Norman invasions, ancient Fermoy map, Old Irish Families and Ancient Families in Keatings History as well as Settler Families (and Chief seats in 1741). Index of Families of County Cork, Ireland with history and locations is provided on pages 25-155, listed in alphabetical order by surname.

929.4: Books under this dewey number at the McClelland Library are primarily about names.  Books in this section can contain information about surnames, forenames, and even baby names. While these books may have information in general about your surname, they do not contain lineage information.

The Surnames of Ireland by Edward MacLysaght

Call Number: Geneal. 929.4094 M226s 1991       Publication Date: 1991

Date Range: 1848-1864

Contains location of ancient territories, population groups, relevant abbreviations and explanation of technical terms used in guide.  Pages 1-303 provide alphabetical listing of surnames, followed by an appendix of English and Scottish surnames in Ireland, and an appendix providing a simplification of Gaelic forms of surnames.

929.5: Books under this dewey number at the McClelland Library are primarily about Cemeteries.

A Guide to Irish Churches and Graveyards by Brian Mitchell

Call Number: Geneal. 929.50941 G9415

Publication Date: 1990

Guide to the cemeteries and graveyards listed by county with civil parish, townland, Ordnance Survey sheet number, religious denomination of church, and indication of whether cemetery or graveyard remains attached to church.  There is a number preceding each listing that provides reference to map location in author’s atlas, A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland.  Especially helpful in locating approximate birthdates, person’s residence at time of death, possibly family information (if family plot).

929.6 – 929.8: Books under this dewey number at the McClelland Library are primarily about family Heraldry.  Heraldry includes family crests and tartans.

The Poolbeg Book of Irish Heraldry by Micheal O` Comain

Call Number: Geneal. 929.6 012p Heraldry     Publication Date: 1991

An introduction to Irish heraldry this guide is a good starting point as it contains general guidelines for researching.  Included on pages 71-98 is a Heraldic Dictionary that provides the meanings of a variety of images, heraldic terminology, and variations in spelling of terms and phrases.

Fairbairn’s Crests of the Families of Great Britain and Ireland by James Fairbairn

Call Number: Geneal. 929.6041 F1507f Heraldry      Publication Date: 1986

Contains survey of over 30,000 families, geographical associations, legends and mottos.  Index of family names are arranged alphabetically on pages 1-522, glossary of terms pages 523-530, and alphabetical index of mottoes on pages 531-599.  Also included is an index of plates of Crests, Orders and Regalia, Flags, Ornamental Lettering, Monograms, Heraldic Illustrations, Foreign Crowns, and Principal Cities, and Regalia of Scotland.