The Irish Cultural Center
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Welcome to The Irish Cultural Center
Wednesday, October 07 2015 @ 03:01 AM MST

About the Academy

The Irish Cultural Center grew out of a cooperative public-private partnership between the City of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department; the Arizona Department of Transportation; a Sister City relationship with Ennis, Ireland; and the Irish Cultural and Learning Foundation, a local non-profit coalition of affiliated Irish and Celtic organizations.

The Academy of Irish and Celtic Studies is a major program of the Irish Cultural Center. The goal of the Academy is to offer the highest quality educational and cultural programming. Offerings include music, dance, art, history, literature, drama, crafts, language, and traditional activities.

Classes Term Schedule and Registration

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Academy of Irish & Cultural Studies

The Academy of Irish and Celtic Studies begins its fourth term of 2015 on October 5th. The cost for dance or language classes is $125.00 for the 10 week term (minimum 3 person class).  The cost for Reader's Theater/Drama is $100 (Minimum 6 person class). Music lessons are all private lessons and are available in 30 or 60 minute time slots. Private classes may be adjusted to fit your schedule. The cost for private lessons is $200.00 per ten-weeks of 30 minute classes.  60 minute private classes are available at $400 for the ten-weeks.  Tuition may be pro-rated for late starters. NOTE: Private tuition is available in all subjects. A number of scholarships may also be available.
If a teacher has two students at the same level, that teacher may decide to have both in the same class for an hour as long as both students and teacher are in agreement with the arrangement.

For further information, please call Pat McCrossan at the Academy office (602) 864 2357 or main number at 602-258-0109 Email:  Visit the academy website at

The 3rd Saturday of most months, we offer Ceili dance lessons. This is a 2 hour dance-intensive workshop, geared towards both beginning and advanced dancers of all ages. Cost is $16.00 for adults and $2.00 for children under 12. Call Mary at 602-258-0109. RSVP requested.

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Academy of Irish & Cultural StudiesPat McCrossan (Director of Studies) Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, 5 string Banjo, Music theory.  Sheila Maguire - Fiddle. John Good - Whistle, Flute and Welsh language.  Vicki Champion - Irish language.  Steve Colby - Clawhammer banjo, Bouzouki, DADGAD guitar. Sharon Judd - Step dancing. Michelle West - Bodhran.   Sandy Voris - Bagpipes.
There are 78 students presently studying with the above mentioned teachers.  The music students love to perform, and have done so at, BEERFEST 2014, ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE AND FAIRE, and at various functions at the Center.  For information contact Pat at phone 602-254-6094.  Visit the students website at
Picture of some of the students in performance at the 7th Arizona Irish Festival, October 2007.