Instructors Mary Erickson and Leigh Farr

Beginning Hammered Dulcimer:

Learning to play the hammered dulcimer is fun! In this class we will focus on basic technique for playing Celtic folk music. You will learn basic technique, music notation, how to play popular Celtic tunes and how to jam with other musicians. We offer an interactive learning approach where you are playing on your instrument on day one! Here are the topics we will cover in the class:

• Learning hammer grip and playing technique
• Tuning your instrument
• Reading sheet music
• Learning to play simple tunes
• Creating an effective practice routine
• Exploring Celtic music styles
• Mastering Celtic embellishments
• Jamming with other musicians

Class Day/Time:

Please check out the Academy’s Term schedule for more details.

About the Instructors:

Mary Erickson enjoys introducing students and audiences to the engaging sounds and rhythms of the hammered dulcimer. Her childhood piano and accordion lessons, an ear for music and a keen interest in folk instruments and Celtic music led to the hammered dulcimer being her instrument of choice since 2012. As a multi-instrumentalist, she also plays the pennywhistle, bowed psaltery and plucked psaltery. Mary performs with the instrumental folk group Cactus Mountain String Melodies and the Celtic trio Emerald Strings.

Leigh Farr is a hammered dulcimer teacher and performer specializing in Celtic music, hymns and Appalachian folk music. A percussionist and classically trained pianist, Leigh has been drawn to the magical sounds of the hammered dulcimer since her childhood. She has been playing the hammered dulcimer for five years and often can be seen performing across the valley with the Celtic trio Emerald Strings and the folk-inspired Cactus Mountain String Melodies.