Michelle Wienecke-West

Individual lessons for 10 week term

25 Min. Lessons: Members $20 per lesson, Non-Members $22 per lesson.
50 Min. Lessons: Members $40 per lesson, Non-Members $44 per lesson.


The Bodhran (BOW-ruhn) is a frame drum, used in Irish folk music. It is played with a double-ended tipper or beater in one hand while the other hand holds the back of the drum.

Lessons are offered at beginner and intermediate levels.

The 10 week beginner’s course covers a variety of playing techniques, starting with polkas and jigs and progressing to reels and other rhythms.

Slightly more advanced players will explore more complex rhythms and faster tempos.

Throughout the course, various homework assignments are geared towards developing the student’s comfort with performing in a group setting along with other instruments. As the term progresses the student may have the opportunity to perform with live musicians playing instruments such as the flute, tin whistle, guitar and/or vocalists with other Academy students and teachers.

Class Day/Time:

Please check out the Academy’s Term schedule for more details.

About the Instructor:

Michelle Wienecke-West