Public Reopening Information


The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected every business, family, and sector of life.
The Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library’s (ICLF) priority is to ensure the safety of its staff,
volunteers, patrons, and partners.
Below is pertinent information regarding on site events, rentals, meetings, and facility use as approved
by the Irish Cultural and Learning Foundation Board of Trustees. This plan will be in effect until

Beginning June 29:

The Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library will remain closed to the public and will be
available by appointment and rental only.
Private/affiliate meetings and events may take place
remain restricted to ICLF full time staff ONLY
Attendees must wear a facial mask upon entry to the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland
o     Attendees must provide their own masks or you can purchase an Irish Cultural Center
and McClelland Library branded mask HERE
o     Limited supplies of paper masks available on site and restricted for emergency purposes
Increased social distancing measures are in place in accordance with the CDC and State
Guidelines. Recommended 6 ft (2 meters) distance between visitors
o     Signage will be displayed around the facility from the CDC on how to diminish the
spread of COVID
– Main gate from ICLF parking lot will remain locked during the duration of the event/meeting
– Patrons will be let in upon arrival and must call upon arrival
– The ICLF will provide hand sanitizer in each rental space
– Increased cleaning measures to occur after each rental
– No drop-in meetings with staff allowed
o     All events, meetings, and in-person discussions on site must be pre-scheduled
– No tours of facility to be given at this time
– Academy classes not to be held on site
– ICLF Staff to primarily work from home unless needed on site
– No volunteers or docents needed until further notice
All visitors/rentals must sign a waiver of liability and indemnification

Rental space information:

– The Kitchen in the Great Hall is closed and unavailable for use during rentals
o     Food and drink may not be prepared on site
– Food and drink may be brought in for rentals, all food must be disposed of upon exit
o     Use of ICLF coffee pots or tea pots is restricted and must be approved for use by
Operations Director
– The use of the ICLF bar is unavailable due to State of Arizona liquor laws
– Bathrooms are available for use with limited number of people allowed inside at one time
– Masks may be removed from face if eating food or taking photos

The McClelland Irish Library:

– The McClelland Irish Library to remain closed for book distribution, genealogy, and computer
o     Late fees and dues to be waived until further notice
– Library from Home available online
– No material donations accepted
– No volunteers needed until further notice
– Space available for rent in the McClelland Library with approval from the Operations Director
and Library Manager

Rev 6/24/2020

Irish Cultural Center Cotton Mask

Summer 2020 Rental & Meeting Rates