Learn Irish Through Poetry

This course takes beginning Irish language students on a tour of poets and poetry in Irish from the early modern period, through oral fold verse, the revival, to the 20th century and beyond. We’ll parse small snippets in bite size pieces as a springboard to increasing our vocabulary and grammar. We’ll also review basics and practice everyday conversation. Open to students with any previous experience with Irish Language and also to complete beginners with a little ambition.

Class Day/Time:

Please check out the Academy’s Term schedule for more details.

About the Instructor:

Kathryn Izzo holds a Ph.D. in Celtic Languages and Literatures from Harvard University where she studied Irish and Welsh language from the medieval through modern periods. She is an expert in early Irish hymnody. At Harvard she taught courses in Modern Irish language, Celtic poetry, and medieval literature surveys. She has also completed a special field in historical linguistics.