Amy Shafer


From beginner to intermediate students I will help you learn about the instrument and being comfortable with it. Learning the basics for all ages from starting to read music to learning by ear. With so much amazing fun music to learn and get your toes tapping.

Traditionally many people associate the Violin or Fiddle the most with Irish music. But with a minimal amount of arranging, it can be done on Viola as well as Cello! I will both provide Music written for each instrument for people to play solo or in a group.

Learn to play the Cello

  • Learn the basics of your instrument
  • Learn to be comfortable in holding and having movement when playing.
  • Learn the basics to be able to read music as well as learn to play by ear.
  • Learn different types of music and what specifically makes a song more ‘Irish’ in nature
  • Learn to play with others, solo or just rhythm
  • Learn to relax and have fun

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