“The Great Irish Adventure” – Short documentary series

directed by Matty Steinkamp

Join us at the Irish Cultural Center for a week long pop-up exclusive experience beginning October 29th.
Step into the 3D world of Ireland with an immersive, sensory experience and watch Matty Steinkamp’s 3 mini movie documentary on Ireland on opening night, October 29th, gates open 6PM.
(Can’t make it on the 29th, tours will be available the following week, see end of page for more details!)

This exclusive night is ticket required but will include food and drinks, live music, screening of The Great Irish Adventure, immersive virtual reality experience, storytelling of the great Giant Fin and a Q&A with Matty himself. It will be a night and experience not to be missed!





Synopsis:  While diving into the heart of Ireland learn over 400 years of history that has shaped this beautiful green isle. Narrated by Marco Manning The Great Irish Adventure links your lineage back to Ireland like no other. This is a journey back to your homeland.

Matty Steinkamp is an award-winning filmmaker from Phoenix, Arizona. Matty was named “Best Filmmaker” by Phoenix Magazine in 2019 and 2020. With the founding of his production company Mango Skies, Matty is continuing his work of capturing how the individual struggles to be part of something bigger than themselves. Matty strives to be an ally in the fight against oppressive structures of society — like racism, sexism, and white supremacy — that traumatize, subjugate, and endanger individuals. Mango Skies is a societally conscious film and television production agency that seeks to leverage the film industry’s reach to create a better world for everyone. Currently, Matty is working on a fictional series titled “The Stone Of Maggie.” This original short story dives into over 400 years of Irish history, in part to honor Matty’s Irish lineage, while interweaving folklore and science fiction with his first fictional series. Along with writing, Matty plans to continue his documentary series The Great Irish Adventure with his next trip in 2022 to capture the Wild Atlantic Way.

Can’t make the 29th?…

If you can’t join us on opening night not to worry, we are offering extended tours of the Irish Cultural Center and McClelland Library the following week INCLUDING the Virtual Reality Experience! 
You can purchase those tickets below!

This event is sponsored by Phoenix Tech AV