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Welcome to The Irish Cultural Center
Thursday, July 28 2016 @ 07:35 AM MST

Hall Rental Request Form

Hall Rental Request Form


Co-Applicant Name

E-mail Address

Phone Number

  Applicant Co-Applicant

Rental and Use Information

Dates Requested

From: Day Month Year
To: Day Month Year

Hours of Use


Purpose of use:

Expected Attendance:

Special Requests

ICLF Requirements

Insurance Verification (provide copy)

Security Staff Provisions (1 security guard per 100 attendees minimum)

Security Company:
Contact Name: First M.I. Last
Primary Phone: Secondary Phone:

Liquor Service

Special Requests for Liquor Services:

Estimate of Costs and Deposit Requirements

Estimated Total Cost per Rental Worksheet:
Reservation Deposite (minimum $500.00, or 25% of the total estimated cost, whichever is greater):

Upon submission of this form, you certify the above to be true. You will be contacted by a representative of The Irish Cultural Center after reciept. No reservation is made until the deposite is paid in full. We reserve the right to deny any request, for any reason.

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