The New Academy of Irish & Celtic Studies & local Druid group Grove of the Rising Phoenix present a 5 part lecture series

On the Druids

Saturday 01/28 – 1:30PM – 3PM
Lecture #1: Poet, Healer, Smith: Brigid of Many Names.  Join us as we explore the fascinating connections with the Goddess Brigid and St. Bridget.  Who was Brigid?  Where does her story begin and how did she come to be revered?  What footprints are left of her legacy across Europe as she came to be a Saint? Join us as we journey with Brigid through her many incarnations throughout myth and history.

Saturday 02/25 – 1:30PM – 3PM
Lecture #2: The Indo-European Language Tree. What languages and cultures fall along the branches of the Indo-European language tree? When did they separate and how did the tribes migrate across the continent and the islands? What are the newest theories regarding the Celtic languages and when/how they arrived to their current locales? Join us as we explore the fascinating connections with our Indo-European language roots.

Saturday 03/25 – 1:30PM – 3PM
Lecture #3: The Ogham.  This ancient alphabetic system is found throughout Ireland and the British Isles. Who invented this, where and why was it used? What uses does it hold for us in the modern day? Join us as we explore the history and mystery of the Ogham.

Saturday 04/22 – 1:30PM – 3PM
Lecture #4: The Battle of Clontarf:  We explore the day that King Brian Boru took Ireland back from the Vikings. We will take a journey back to 1014, on the eve of the Battle and learn the history behind the battle, and the man who led the armies against the Norsemen this fateful day in history. Join us with guest lecturer Mark Bailey.

Saturday 05/27 – 1:30PM – 3PM
Lecture #5: Modern Druidism.  So, you want to call yourself a Druid. What does that mean for modern day folks? Join us as we explore the revival of Druidism and its journey into the modern day.

Sign up for 5 weeks: $75 members and $90 non-members or for individual lectures at $15 members and $18 non-members. Walk-ins welcome.

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