The Irish Cultural Center
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Welcome to The Irish Cultural Center
Sunday, December 21 2014 @ 11:36 AM MST


EventsOn Thursday, March 21st, 2013 "First Day Of Spring", The Irish Cultural Center located at 1106 North Central Avenue , Phoenix , AZ 85004 will be presenting Tartanic in concert. Concert starts at 7:30 pm and admission is $10.00. Our full cash bar will be available.  There will be limited seating inside the Great Hall so please call the ICC to reserve your tickets 602-258-0109 or email at

Since late 2001, Tartanic has gained a following in TX, MI, IL, WI, WV, KS, IA, KY, OK, LA, MO, GA, AR, AZ, NV, and a bit of Northern and Southern CA . Dressed in kilts and sunglasses, Tartanic gives its audiences a barrage of sound from not one but TWO Highland Bagpipes, 2 percussionists, 2 smokin' dancers, 8 drums, 6 drones, 18 notes, fast fingers, high comedy, flying bagpipes, taste-defying stunts and scorching hot music played at over 120 beats per minute with driving speed and high-volume, all brought to you by 4 men without pants and 2 talented lasses.

The future looks very bright for Tartanic, with two new albums unveiled in 2011, their 9th release to date. The 8th, Unfaire out now.

New expressions in dance, tribal, swing and even hip-hop fusions of Great Highland bagpipes and world percussion flow through solid engineering to bring an audio landscape full of uncharted terrain. Tartanic sails strongly with the wind at their back, and the music always at high tide.  Even the strict laws of the fire department cannot hold Tartanic at bay as they take live performance to heart and create a high-energy pulse at 120 beats per minute and beyond. Celtic music from Scotland , Ireland , Brittany and original contemporary compositions is melded with rhythms from around the world and propelled into the musical world of the future. Mixing the time-honored traditions of the Great Highland bagpipes with a bevy of drums featuring world percussion from Arabia, Africa and America , Tartanic produces a musical fusion which is nothing short of explosive.  After more than half a decade, Tartanic remains new and on the edge. With over 30 years of performance between them, Tartanic fills a much needed niche in progressive celtic music, taking tunes out of the session and into the sensational with their unique brand of insturmentation, humor and theatrics. The live show is not just music ... heads nod with a tribal drive ... techno-rave beats weave in the roar of double reeds and a kick-bass bodhran. The resulting interactive spectacle is the "Tartanic experience."

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