1916 Easter Rising Commemoration: April 15th, 2017

Every Year, the Irish Cultural Center hosts the “1916 Easter Rebellion Commemoration” presented by Jim Daugherty.  Jim’s multimedia presentation features live music, historical perspectives, and reflections on the causes and outcomes of the 1916 Easter Rising. This moving multimedia journey featuring live ballads, music, readings and poetry presented in historical context .

Part 1 starts in ancient Ireland and is focused on the causes and events leading up to the 1916 Easter Monday Rising/Rebellion.

Part 2 begins with a reading of Poblacht na H Eireann, the proclamation of the Irish Republic, follows the rising through Dublin and the rest of Ireland as it unfolded, and ends by examining the legacy of the Rising.

Dedicated to the memory of Jane Merial Hilton, “Wayward Fiddler” Nov. 19 1975 – Nov. 2, 2016

10,000 years of Irish History in prose, poetry, image and song in a very enjoyable two and a half hours of live performances. What are the stories behind “The Croppy Boy,” ‘The Patriot Game,” “Grace,” “Come out Ye Black and Tans,” “There Were Roses,” and a dozen others you’ve heard and loved? How do they help us understand the creation of the Irish Republic?

April 15, 2017, 10AM , doors open at 9:30AM, Intermission about 11:30AM

Admission: Free and donations are happily accepted to help defray expenses.
Free soda bread, scones, tea. Full cash bar.

Added Bonus: Free admission to the McClelland Irish Library’s World Class Irish 1916 Remembering the Easter Rising: Historical Context and Cultural Legacy Exhibition.


  • Jim Daugherty, Seanachie (the story teller)
  • Jerica Nicolaides, Fiddle
  • Celtica Chorale, Vocals
  • Chas Moore, Vocals and Guitar
  • Barb Tennis, Fiddle
  • Colleen Collins, Vocals and Guitar
  • Collen Van Slyke, Vocals
  • Michael Littwin, Vocals and Guitar
  • Jon Vance, Vocals
  • Anne Daugherty and others: Proclamation Readers